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The complaints and suggestions can be forwarded directly to complaint Cell Directorate General Pakistan Post  G-8/4, Islamabad through mail, phone, fax, E-Mail or by any other mean.  While making complaint about any of the service please remember to provide basic details including (article / receipt no, Place of Booking, Date of Booking, Sender, Receiver Name and your contact details with phone no.

Circle/ Region/ Unit Wise Contacts detail for handling Public Complaints
S# Circle/Region Supervisory Officer Telephone No. Email Address
1 PMG Islamabad APMG(OPS) 051-9261583 pmgibd@yahoo.com
2 PMG Quetta AD (Stock) 081-9211527 pmgquetta@yahoo.com
3 PMG Lahore APMG (INV) 042-99239794 papmgpunjablhr@yahoo.com
4 PMG Hyderabad AD (INV) 022-9200359 pmg_nschyd@yahoo.com
5 PMG Multan AD (Comp & Lit) 061-9200370 pmgmul@yahoo.com
6 PMG Rawalpindi AD (Complaint) 051-9270049
pmgnprwp@hotmail.com, adccpmgnprwp@gmail.com
7 PMG KMC Karachi HAG (Complaint) 021-35650401
pakistanpakpost@hotmail.com, pmg_mck@hotmail.com
8 PMG Peshawar APMG (OP & FS) 091-9239364 pmgpsh@yahoo.com
9 Dy. PMG Faisalabad APMG (O & FS) 041-9201158 deputypmg@yahoo.com, cc_fsd@yahoo.com
10 Dy. PMG Sialkot AD (INV) 052-4295080 adinv_sialkot@yahoo.com
11 Dy. PMG D.I.Khan APMG (OP & FS) 0966-9280921 dypmg_spr@yahoo.com
12 Dy. PMG Abboattabad APMG (O & FS) 0992-9310176 apmg_npr@yahoo.com
13 Dy. PMG M. Abad APMG (O & FS) 05822921303 dypmgmzd@gmail.com
14 Dy. PMG Sukkur Dy. PMG Sukkur 071-5806092 dypmg_sukkur@yahoo.com
15 Controller IMO (P) Karachi Controller IMO (P) 021-99211130 imoparcel.karachi@pakpost.gov.pk
16 Dy. Controller IMO (L) Karachi Dy. Controller IMO (L) 021-99243530-2 dycimo_kr@hotmail.com
17 Dy. Controller IMO Lahore Dy. Controller IMO 042-99211321
18 Dy. Controller IMO Islamabad Dy. Controller IMO 051-9280311
19 Dy. Controller Foreign Post Sialkot Dy. Controller F.P 052-9250046 asfpskt@yahoo.com
20 Dy. Controller Express Post Karachi Dy. Controller Express post 021-34540419
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