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Domestic Parcels

Parcel is one of the traditional services of  Pak Post and enjoys a strong brand recognition. It caters the need of bulk users both commercial and personal. The weight of an unregistered parcel must not exceed 5 kilograms. However, in case of registered parcel a customer could send up to 50 Kilograms.

Domestic Parcel Rates (Revised Rates Effective from November 2, 2009)

Service Type Rates
Domestic Parcels
Up to 1 Kg Rs. 40
Above 1 Kg Up To 3 Kg Rs. 70
Above 3 Kg Up To 5 Kg Rs. 100
Above 5 Kg Up To 10 Kg Rs. 150
Above 10 Kg Up To 15 Kg Rs. 200
Above 15 Kg Up To 20 Kg Rs. 250
Above 20 Kg Up To 25 Kg Rs. 300
Above 25 Kg Up To 30 Kg Rs. 350
Above 30 Kg Up To 35 Kg Rs. 400
Above 35 Kg Up To 40 Kg Rs. 450
Above 40 Kg Up To 45 Kg Rs. 500
Above 45 Kg Up To 50 Kg Rs. 550
Registration fee for a single article (General users) Rs. 20
Air Surcharge* Rs. 20


*Note:  The levy of Air Surcharge is only applicable for dispatch of parcels by air only, if desired by the customer

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