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On arrival of the UMS-CC article in the General Post Office (GPO) of destination, the addressee will be telephonically intimated about the arrival of the UMS article and offered the unique facility to take its delivery from the GPO/Night Post Office counter at any time at his/her convenience upto 8.30PM

The sender of the UMS-CC will indicate the name, full address of the addressee with Post Code Number, Mobile Number, Telephone Number and Name of the GPO from which the UMS-CC article is intended to be delivered. Besides this, the sender will also furnish his particulars on UMS-CC articles on the top left hand corner. The writing of these particulars will be obligatory on the part of the sender. The booking clerk will give choice of delivery to the sender for the following 8 (eight) delivery offices at Karachi and 2 (Two) Delivery offices at Lahore besides other GPO’s, being very big cities:-


  (i)        Express Post Center, Karachi (Shahrah-e-Faisal)
(ii)       AL-Haidry GPO, Karachi
(iii)      Gulshan-e-Iqbal GPO, Karachi
(iv)       Saddar GPO, Karachi
(v)        Malir Colony PO, Karachi
(vi)       Korangi GPO.
(vii)      Karachi GPO (I.I Chandigarh Road)
(viii)     Karachi City GPO


  (i)       Lahore GPO.
(ii)      Lahore Cantt GPO

The sender of the UMS-CC will specify the name of any one of the above mentioned Delivery Office at Karachi and Lahore as delivery destination.

The UMS-CC articles will not be accepted for delivery at Post offices other than GPOs.

The value payable and insured articles will not be accepted for booking as UMS-CC items.

The timings of booking of UMS-CC articles will be from 0900 hours to 1600 hours at Day Post Offices from Monday to Saturday except Friday on which business hours will be from 0900 hours to 1230 hours. At Night Post Offices, the booking of UMS articles will be from 1500 to 2100 hours from Monday to Saturday.

On presentation of a UMS-CC article at the UMS Counter, it will be carefully examined by the booking official to see whether it bears full address, Mobile Number/Telephone Number of the addressee as well as the Name of GPO of destination, that the article bears the inscription “Urgent Mail Service-CC” and that it is securely packed. The UMS-CC article will be weighed to see that it bears postage stamp of the requisite value or impression of the licensed franking machine. The UMS bar code label will be firmly pasted on the space available by the side of the top left corner of the front side of article. The usual printed UMS receipt given to the sender will show the amount of postage, amount of General Sales Tax, complete address of the addressee and name of GPO of destination.

A serially numbered printed receipt in form UMS-I duly signed and date stamped by the booking official or computer printed receipt will be handed over to the sender or his/her representative by hand writing or stamping on the receipt “Counter Collection” on the top left corner of the receipt. 

The counter Clerk will keep UMS-CC articles in a separate container for safe custody till the time of their dispatch.


The UMS-CC bags, on arrival at Karachi and Lahore EP Centers/EP DMOs, will be sorted GPO’s-wise. The Sr. Postmaster/ Incharge or Manager (EP) Delivery will ensure their timely dispatch to the respective Eight (08) GPOs at Karachi and two (02) GPO’s at Lahore.

The GPO (EP Delivery offices) will update the status of the UMS-CC articles as soon as these are delivered.

On receipt of UMS-CC articles the Supervisor incharge will immediately make call from landline phone to the addressee and intimate that his/her article has been received and he/she may pick up from the GPO from 0900 hours to 2030 hours (Monday to Saturday).

In case the addressee does not collect his/her article upto 1600 hours the Incharge/Supervisor of Day Post Office will hand over all undelivered articles to the Incharge/Clerk/Mail Clerk of Night Post Office under receipt for its delivery upto 2030 hours. In case of non-collection of the article, the Night Post Office dealing clerk will keep the un-collected articles under lock and key under proper record and hand over the articles to the GPO Delivery Incharge in the next morning.

Only two telephone calls (on 1st and 2nd day) will be made to the addressee to effect delivery of UMS-CC articles by the Supervisor (Day). In case, the article remains undelivered on the second day, the article will be delivered at home on the third day as normal delivery of UMS.

The Incharge UMS-CC Delivery Clerk of the Day Post Office will maintain the record of all telephone calls made to the addressees in the “Register of Telephone Calls-UMS-CC”. Name of the person who attended call will be entered in the register.

On receipt of articles in delivery offices, the particulars of all the articles received for delivery will be scanned/entered in the EMTTS and computerized Delivery Lists will be generated through the Computer. 

In case UMS-CC delivered through post offices other than the Express Post Centre, where no facility of EMTTS has been provided, the Postmaster of the concerned post office, after delivered the UMS-CC shall immediately inform to the concerned Express Post Centre about the status of delivery of UMS-CC article.”

The addressee will submit the photocopy of his/her CNIC for collecting the UMS-CC article”.