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Frequently Asked Questions


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We have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. However, should you have any question or query please do not hesitate to contact us.

1.    What is International Reply Coupon?
2.    How can I avail Window delivery service?
3.    What happens to an undeliverable article?
What is prohibited to be transmitted by the post?
5.      Can I send articles of value in ordinary letter?
6.    What happens to unpaid and insufficiently paid inland and foreign letters?
7.    What is Universal Postal Union?
8.    What is a Despatch Note?
9.    How can I obtain advice of delivery of my foreign parcel?
10.  Where could I get commemorative stamps?
11.  Could I open account from overseas?
12.  Is transfer of account allowed?


What is International Reply Coupon?
International Reply Coupons enable a sender of a letter to prepay a reply in any member country of the Universal Postal Union. A sender could enclose these coupons in the letter, which on receipt could be presented by addressee on the postal counter for receipt of the postage stamp.
How can I avail Window delivery service?
  This service is available in non post box areas. An addressee could receive all letters and other postal articles at the window of a post office, free of any charge during working hours. Addressee, however, has to request this facility in writing.
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