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Frequently Asked Questions


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What happens to an undeliverable article?
An article with an incomplete or ineligible address is consigned to Returned Letter Office, while article of an unknown addressee is either redirected in case fresh address is known or kept in deposit for seven days before sending it back to sender or to the Returned Letter Office.
What is prohibited to be transmitted by the post?
  • Anything which is sent in contravention of any  enactment or government orders.
  • An indecent or obscene printing, painting, photograph, lithograph, engraving, book, or card or any other indecent or obscene articles.
  • Any explosive, inflammable, dangerous, filthy, noxious or deleterious substance.
Can I send articles of value in ordinary letter?

No Coin, bullion, precious stones, jewellery, currency notes and articles of gold or silver may only be sent, by the inland post insured. They may be sent by the foreign insured parcel post and can also be sent by the foreign letter post only in registered letters.

What happens to unpaid and insufficiently paid inland and foreign letters?
  An inland letter posted unpaid is charged on delivery with double the postage and letter insufficiently prepaid is charged on delivery with double the amount of the deficiency. Similarly unpaid and insufficiently paid letters posted in Pakistan for transmission to a foreign country are returned to senders if their addresses can be easily ascertained.
What is Universal Postal Union?
  Almost all the countries of the world have joined together into a union, known as the Universal Postal Union to regulate the postal services amongst them.
What is Despatch Note?
  Despatch note is a document to be presented with a parcel addressed to a foreign country. Despatch Note is available at the post office counter free of charge.
Sender is required to enter his name and address as well the name and address of addressee in the despatch note. Rest of the entries in the despatch note is to be made by the postal official at the counter.
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