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Frequently Asked Questions


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How can I obtain advice of delivery of my foreign parcel?
The sender of a parcel addressed to any parcel union country as well as to non parcel union country can obtain an advice of its delivery by paying a nominal fee. After the delivery of parcel the advice of delivery card is returned duly completed, to the sender by the office of destination.
Where do I get commemorative stamps?
Special arrangements exist at Philatelic Bureaus and Philatelic Counters operating in all general  post offices for the sale of commemorative and special series of postage stamps and first day of issue covers and brochures to philatelists.
Could I open account from overseas?

Yes, subject to the government rules, Pakistan nationals residing abroad may open an account directly or through their bankers or agents.

Is transfer of account allowed?

A depositor may have his account transferred, free of charge to any post office that is a saving bank provided that the account shall have been in existence for at least three months from the date on which it was opened.

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