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Savings Bank

Pakistan Post Savings Bank offers the largest network of savings bank services in Pakistan. Serving on behalf of Ministry of Finance, it has been playing a crucial role in encouraging and mobilizing savings among the general populace since long.

It is popular both in urban and rural areas, but its operations in rural Pakistan are wide spread and deep rooted. In fact in most of the remote areas, it is the only banking service available. Through its extensive network of post offices, Pak Post Saving Bank offers a number of very attractive saving bank schemes.

Revision in Rates of National Savings Schemes (NSSs) vide Faiance Division Budget Wing Notification No.Fin.Div's.U.O.No.F.20(1)GS-I/2016-791 Dated 31-05-2017

Savings Account (SA)
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  • Easy and simple transfer of account to any Post Office branch within the country
  • No maximum limit of investment

Special Savings Account (SSA)
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  • Three years scheme, but investment can be withdrawn any time after one month.
  • No maximum limit of investment

Savings Bank Mobile Account

This service ensures safety in handling of money from one city to another. The account holder is required to deposit at least Rs. 2000 and is allowed to withdraw 75% of the the whole deposit in any GPO in Pakistan.

  • Safe and reliable
  • Guards against risk in handling cash during Journey
  • Deposits earn profit