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Money Order

Pak Post remittance services are very popular. These provide a secure and cheap mode for remittance of the money. Majority of population lives in rural areas where regular transaction services are scant. Pak Post fills this void and provides remittance services through Money Order.

Money Order Rates:

A money order is an order issued by the post office for the payment of a sum of money through the agency of the post office. Almost all the post offices are money order offices.

Type of Money Order Value of Money Order Commission Chargeable (Rs)
Normal MO Rs.10,000/- Rs. 75/-
Normal MO Rs.20,000/- Rs. 100/-
Army MO Rs.10,000/- Rs. 25/-
Army MO Rs.20,000/- Rs. 50/-
BISP MO Rs.10,000/- Rs. 25/-
VP MO Rs.10,000/- Rs. 75/-
VP MO Rs.20,000/- Rs. 100/-

Money order form: Rs. 1.00

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