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Postal Orders

Pak Post also offers the Postal Order service. It is designed to fulfill requirements for small remittances at nominal commission. This traditional postal service facilitates prospective students and would be employees to request prospectus, application forms and other relevant information.

Pakistan Postal Orders are issued in the denominations of Rs.1, Rs.2, Rs.10, Rs.15, Rs.20, Rs.30, Rs.40, Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.200, Rs.300, Rs.500

Pakistan Postal Orders for fixed sum from Rs. 1.00 to 50 rupees are sold either for cash or for cheque and paid by all head and sub-post offices in Pakistan. A Commission on the issue of Pakistan Postal Order has been revised vide Ministry of Communications Notification No. S.R.O (I)/2015 Dated 02-09-2015 charged at flat rate of Rs.20/- (Rupees Twenty) per Pakistan Postal Order irrespective of the value of single Postal Order upto fifty rupees shall be charged from purchaser.

Postal Order Rates:

Denomination Commission
Rs.1/- 20/-
Rs.2/- 20/-
Rs.10/- 20/-
Rs.15/- 20/-
Rs.20/- 20/-
Rs.30/- 20/-
Rs.40/- 20/-
Rs.50/- 20/-
Rs.100/- 20/-
Rs.200/- 20/-
Rs.300/- 20/-
Rs.500/- 20/-
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