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Inland Printed Papers

Pakistan Post is playing a crucial role in dissemination of knowledge through subsidized special rates for conveyance of printed papers. It distinguishes between text books and other than text books. Text book category constitutes books prescribed for study in schools and other institutions of learning. While other category includes books other than text books, periodicals, plans, maps, drawings and photographs.

Inland Printed Paper Rates (Revised Rates Effective from November 2, 2009)  

Service Type Rates Rates
Printed Papers Other than Text Books Text Books
Up to 50 g Rs. 5 Rs. 10
Above 50 g Up To 250 g Rs. 10 Rs.10
Above 250 g Up To 1000 g Rs. 15 Rs. 20
Above 1000 g Up To 2000 g Rs. 25 Rs. 30
Above 2000 g Up To 3000 g - Rs. 45
Above 3000 g Up To 4000 g - Rs. 55
Above 4000 g Up To 5000 g - Rs. 70
For Other than Text Books (Must be unsealed and open for inspection)
For Text Books (Must be unsealed and open for inspection)
Registration fee for a single article (General users) Rs. 20


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