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Insurance covers all risks an article is exposed to during course of transmission. Registered letters, value-payable registered letters, registered parcels and value-payable registered parcels can be ensured at any such post office authorized to accept articles for insurance. Insurance value is not allowed to exceed the real value of the contents of the article insured. Similarly articles containing gold, coin, bullion or currency notes are insured for the actual value of the contents.

The prepayment of all charges on insured articles including postage, registration and insurance fee is compulsory.

In addition to the postage and the fee for registeration the following further fees shall be charged for insurance:

S.No. Value of Insurance Commission Chargeable
a For a value not exceeding Rs.1,000 Rs.20/-
b For every additional Rs.1,000 or fraction thereof upto Rs.10,000 Rs.20/-
c For a value above Rs.10,000 or fraction thereof upto Rs.25,000 Rs.30/-
d For a value above Rs.25,000 or fraction thereof upto Rs.50,000 Rs.50/-


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