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Pakistan Post moves 7 steps upwards in World Postal Ranking by UPU. International Ranking of Postal Sector is based on four pillars i.e. Reliability, Reach, Relevance and Resilience. In 2022, Pakistan Post has achieved 55th position out of 162 countries in the Postal Ranking Index issued by Universal Postal Union.


( Ordinary Letters, Envelopes and Aerogrammes )

( Rates Revised With Effect From 01-08-2023)

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Service Type Rates
For a weight not exceeding 20 grams Rs. 30
For a weight exceeding 20 grams but not exceeding 50 grams Rs. 60
For a weight exceeding 50 grams but not exceeding 100 grams Rs. 75
For a weight exceeding 100 grams but not exceeding 250 grams Rs. 120
For a weight exceeding 250 grams but not exceeding 500 grams Rs. 150
For a weight exceeding 500 grams but not exceeding 1000 grams Rs. 230
For a weight exceeding 1000 grams but not exceeding 1500 grams Rs. 300
For a weight exceeding 1500 grams but not exceeding 2000 grams Rs. 380
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