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Pakistan Post moves 7 steps upwards in World Postal Ranking by UPU. International Ranking of Postal Sector is based on four pillars i.e. Reliability, Reach, Relevance and Resilience. In 2022, Pakistan Post has achieved 55th position out of 162 countries in the Postal Ranking Index issued by Universal Postal Union.

Recall of Posted Articles

During the course of transmission a sender could request the recall of postal article or ask to deliver it to another addressee. This service has been significantly helping in preserving social fabric of family life by shielding it from whim and caprice of an irrational mind. An impulsive decision to separate or divorce could be reviewed once sanity starts prevailing.

The sender could request recall of an article in writing after paying a nominal fee. An officer upon being satisfied that the applicant is the sender order the re-delivery to the sender or delivery to another addressee of the postal article.


Fee Rs.15 for Domestic Registered Letter
Fee Rs.25 for Foreign Registered Letter


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