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Pakistan Post moves 7 steps upwards in World Postal Ranking by UPU. International Ranking of Postal Sector is based on four pillars i.e. Reliability, Reach, Relevance and Resilience. In 2022, Pakistan Post has achieved 55th position out of 162 countries in the Postal Ranking Index issued by Universal Postal Union.

Pakistan Post Stamps-2020



Stamp: 2020-01

10 January, 2020

100th Birthday Of Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said (1920-2020) Commemorative Postage Stamp
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Stamp: 2020-02

05 February, 2020

Kashmir Solidarity Day Commemorative Postage Stamp
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Stamp: 2020-03

17-18 February, 2020

High Level International Conference In Islamabad On 17-18 February 2020 40 Years Of Presence Of Afghan Refugees In Pakistan Commemorative Postage Stamp
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Stamp: 2020-04

18 February, 2020

Mahmud Ali( 1919-2006 ) Commemorative Postage Stamp
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Stamp: 2020-05

26 June, 2020

International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking "Say No To Drugs" Commemorative Postage Stamp
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Stamp: 2020-06

11 July, 2020

World Population Day 2020 Commemorative Postage Stamp
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Stamp: 2020-6A

05 August, 2020

One Year of Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir under Siege Special Postage Stamp August 05 2020 Commemorative Postage Stamp

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Stamp: 2020-07

06 August, 2020

Silver Jubilee of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre Lahore Commemorative Postage Stamp August-06-2020
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Stamp: 2020-08

14 September, 2020

Services To The Cause Of Creation Of Pakistan Of Miangul Abdul Haq Jahanzeb Former Wali Of Swat State Commemorative Postage Stamp September-14-2020
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Stamp: 2020-09

24 October, 2020

75th Anniversary of United Nations Commemorative Postage Stamp October-24-2020
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Stamp: 2020-10

11 November, 2020

Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Special Postage Stamp November 11, 2020
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Stamp: 2020-11

25 December, 2020

"New Political Map Of Pakistan-2020" Special Postage Stamp December 25, 2020
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